hppa: allocate membarrier system call number
[urcu.git] / urcu-call-rcu.h
2015-09-28  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: remove trailing whitespaces at EOL
2014-05-06  Philippe ProulxModernize doc using Markdown
2013-06-14  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement rcu_barrier()
2012-12-26  Mathieu DesnoyersFix call_rcu fork handling
2012-10-03  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: use wfcqueue, eliminate false-sharing
2012-05-15  Mathieu Desnoyersdocumentation: refer to rcu-api.txt
2011-12-05  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht-shrink
2011-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: Add missing call_rcu_before_fork and call_rcu...
2011-10-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht-shrink
2011-10-02  Mathieu DesnoyersEnhance API.txt documentation, add to Makefile as EXTRA...
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: Document call_rcu requirements
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: Document call_rcu requirements
2011-09-29  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht-shrink
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu call_rcu: Use RCU read-side protection for per...
2011-07-06  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge remote branch 'origin/urcu/ht' into urcu/ht
2011-07-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht
2011-06-06  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: use cpu affinity for per-cpu call_rcu threads
2011-03-09  Paul E. McKenneyProvide cleanup interfaces for per-CPU and per-thread...
2011-03-09  Paul E. McKenneyMaintain list of struct call_rcu_data to keep valgrind...
2011-03-09  Paul E. McKenneyAdd call_rcu() interface
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