Fix: waiter: futex wait: handle spurious futex wakeups
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2022-06-21  Jérémie GalarneauFix: sessiond: size-based rotations never trigger
2022-04-15  Jérémie GalarneauFix: sessiond: rotation trigger leak
2022-04-15  Jérémie GalarneauFix: action error query: leak of action path
2022-03-30  Simon MarchiRename C++ header files to .hpp
2022-03-25  Jonathan RajotteFix: doc: action: wrong function documented for action_...
2022-02-28  Jonathan RajotteFix: liblttng-ctl comm: lttng_event_field is not packed
2022-02-28  Jonathan RajotteFix: liblttng-ctl comm: lttng_event_context is not...
2022-02-28  Jonathan RajotteFix: liblttng-ctl comm: lttng_event is not packed
2022-02-28  Jonathan RajotteFix: liblttng-ctl comm: lttng_channel is not packed
2022-01-17  Jérémie GalarneauCopyright ownership transfer
2021-11-18  Simon MarchiRemove extern "C" from internal headers
2021-11-18  Simon Marchitests: compile all unit tests as C++
2021-11-17  Simon Marchicommon: compile libcompat as C++
2021-11-17  Simon Marchilib: compile liblttng-ctl as C++
2021-11-17  Simon Marchibin: compile lttng-sessiond as C++
2021-10-15  Jérémie GalarneauBuild fix: Missing message in LTTNG_DEPRECATED invocation
2021-10-15  Simon Marchibin: compile lttng as C++
2021-10-14  Simon Marchiliblttng-ctl: use export list to define exported symbols
2021-10-14  Simon Marchiinclude: add missing "extern"
2021-10-14  Simon Marchiinclude: remove spurious spaces in condition/session...
2021-10-05  Michael Jeansonfix: wrong define used for GCC version check
2021-10-04  Jonathan RajotteCleanup: unnecessary declaration
2021-10-04  Jonathan RajotteCleanup: firing policy source files
2021-09-23  Francis DeslauriersForce usage of assert() condition when NDEBUG is defined
2021-09-23  Jonathan RajotteFix: lttng_trace_archive_location_serialize is called...
2021-09-23  Simon MarchiFix: include: remove unneeded declaration of lttng_sess...
2021-07-12  Jérémie GalarneauFix: sessiond: list-triggers: don't return internal...
2021-06-29  Jonathan RajotteMI: implement all objects related to trigger machine...
2021-06-22  Jonathan RajotteMove event-expr-to-bytecode to event-expr
2021-06-16  Francis DeslauriersFix: use of uninitialised bytes valgrind warning
2021-06-16  Jérémie GalarneauAdd condition-targeting error query
2021-06-11  Francis Deslauriersaction list: missing renames from previous name "group"
2021-06-03  Jonathan RajotteRemove LTTNG_EVENT_RULE_TYPE_KERNEL_FUNCTION
2021-06-03  Jonathan RajotteRemove lttng_event_rule_tracepoint
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce lttng_event_rule_python_logging
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce lttng_event_rule_log4j_logging
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce lttng_event_rule_jul_logging
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce lttng_event_rule_user_tracepoint
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce lttng_event_rule_kernel_tracepoint
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_event_rule_kernel_probe to lttng_event_rul...
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_event_rule_userspace_probe to lttng_event_...
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_event_rule_syscall to lttng_event_rule_ker...
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename *emission_site_type to *emission_site
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_event_rule_syscall_(set, get)_pattern...
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename *exclusion* to *name_pattern_exclusion*
2021-06-02  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_event_rule_tracepoint_(set,get)_pattern...
2021-05-28  Jérémie GalarneauBuild fix: cygwin: unknown type ssize_t
2021-05-26  Jérémie Galarneaulttng-ctl: use lttng_action_path to specify error query...
2021-05-26  Jérémie Galarneauerror-query: add lttng_action_path to express the locat...
2021-05-14  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: Handle SIGBUS in sessiond and consumerd
2021-04-28  Francis DeslauriersFix: condition: buffer-usage: use double instead of...
2021-04-22  Jérémie Galarneauaction list: missing renames from previous name "group"
2021-04-22  Jérémie Galarneaulttng-ctl: separate support of named/unnamed trigger...
2021-04-22  Jérémie GalarneauFix: lttng-ctl: assertion failure during unregistration...
2021-04-22  Jonathan RajotteRename group action files to list files
2021-04-22  Jonathan RajotteRename action group to action list
2021-04-22  Jonathan RajotteRename on-event to event-rule-matches
2021-04-22  Jonathan RajotteMove on-event*.* to event-rule-matches*.*
2021-04-22  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce emission site for syscall event rule
2021-04-18  Jérémie GalarneauRemove error count property of lttng_condition_on_event
2021-04-18  Jérémie Galarneausessiond: implement EXECUTE_ERROR_QUERY command
2021-04-18  Jérémie Galarneaulttng-ctl: Add error query interface
2021-04-18  Jonathan RajotteRename firing policy to rate policy
2021-04-18  Jonathan Rajottetrigger: keep state of if a trigger is currently registered
2021-04-18  Jonathan RajotteMove firing policy from lttng_trigger to lttng_action
2021-04-18  Jonathan Rajotteaction-executor: consider action firing policy on actio...
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteImplement firing policy for the snapshot session action
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteImplement firing policy for stop session action
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteImplement firing policy for the start session action
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteImplement firing policy for the rotate session action
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteImplement firing policy for the notify action
2021-04-17  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce firing policy object
2021-04-07  Jérémie Galarneauon-event evaluation: remove trigger name accessor
2021-04-07  Jérémie Galarneaunotification: add trigger accessor to lttng_notification
2021-04-07  Jérémie Galarneaunotification: transmit originating trigger as part...
2021-04-01  Jérémie GalarneauDocs: document trigger condition and action ownership...
2021-03-31  Francis Deslaurierssessiond: Implement kernel event notifier error counter
2021-03-26  Francis Deslaurierson-event: add error counter fields to condition
2021-03-18  Francis DeslauriersRename event rule kretprobe to kernel function
2021-03-18  Jérémie Galarneauon-event evaluation: introduce on-event evaluation...
2021-03-18  Francis Deslauriersevent-notifier: implement `lttng_trigger_needs_tracer_n...
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajottelttng-ctl: Introduce lttng_log_level_rule
2021-03-18  Jonathan RajotteClean-up: sort files in include/
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: userspace probe: force location on create
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: userspace probe: rename get/set_name to...
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: kernel probe: force location on create
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: kernel probe: rename set/get_name to set...
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: syscall: set the default pattern to '*'
2021-03-18  Jonathan Rajotteevent-rule: tracepoint: set default pattern to '*'
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename files for condition event-rule to on-event
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename lttng_condition_event_rule to lttng_condition_on...
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename uprobe files to userspace-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename uprobe to userspace-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename kprobe file to kernel-probe
2021-03-17  Jonathan RajotteRename kprobe to kernel_probe
2021-03-16  Jonathan Rajottelttng: Capture is only supported by tracepoint and...
2021-03-16  Philippe ProulxMake captured field values available to event rule...
2021-03-11  Philippe Proulxlttng-ctl: add event field value API
2021-03-11  Jonathan RajotteImplement lttng_condition_event_rule_get_capture_byteco...
2021-03-11  Jonathan Rajottecondition: implement lttng_condition_event_rule_generat...
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