2012-02-04  Mathieu DesnoyersInstall ChangeLog and README into system's doc
2012-01-09  Mathieu DesnoyersFix AC_LANG_SOURCE usage: only takes one parameter
2012-01-09  David GouletFix autoconf futex check
2012-01-07  Mathieu Desnoyersconfigure.ac: Use AC_LANG_SOURCE for if else macros
2012-01-06  Alexandre MontplaisirRefresh autoconf files
2012-01-06  Alexandre MontplaisirUpdate gitignore
2011-12-21  Gerlando Falautoreadme: state correct GCC dependency for ARM
2011-12-13  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.6.7 v0.6.7
2011-12-08  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd compat file for test urcu wfs
2011-12-08  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing compat file for wfq test
2011-12-08  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: no need for weak attribute
2011-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyershlist.h: Add missing stddef.h include for NULL
2011-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: Add missing call_rcu_before_fork and call_rcu...
2011-12-01  Mathieu DesnoyersDescribe autotools/libtool/automake version dependency
2011-12-01  Mathieu DesnoyersRemove m4_ifdef for AC_PROG_LIBTOOL (deprecated)
2011-11-30  Mathieu DesnoyersSupport older autotools
2011-11-29  Mathieu DesnoyersApply autoupdate to configure.ac
2011-11-28  Mathieu DesnoyersFix build for amd64 environment (for FreeBSD 8.2)
2011-11-27  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing rcu_dereference_sym_bp
2011-11-27  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: allow weak linking
2011-11-22  Alexandre MontplaisirInstall test scripts in the dist tarball
2011-11-03  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.6.6 v0.6.6
2011-11-03  Mathieu Desnoyersqsbr vs call_rcu : remove exit assertion
2011-11-01  Mathieu DesnoyersRename likely/unlikely to caa_likely/caa_unlikely
2011-10-15  Mathieu DesnoyersReinsert missing test_urcu_*.c files (missing in rename)
2011-10-14  Lai Jiangshanrename test_qsbr to test_urcu_qsbr
2011-10-05  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-pointer: fix rcu_set_pointer unset return value
2011-10-02  Mathieu DesnoyersEnhance API.txt documentation, add to Makefile as EXTRA...
2011-09-29  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.6.5 v0.6.5
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: Document call_rcu requirements
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: fix error handling of malloc error
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu call_rcu: Use RCU read-side protection for per...
2011-09-29  Lai Jiangshanurcu,call_rcu: Cleanup call_rcu_data pointers before...
2011-09-29  Lai Jiangshanurcu,call_rcu: avoid create call_rcu_data for child...
2011-09-29  Lai Jiangshanurcu,defer_rcu: Make defer_rcu encoding more compact...
2011-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu_defer: Use cancellation flag instead of pthread_ca...
2011-09-29  Lai Jiangshanurcu,call_rcu: protects call_rcu_data_list when remove...
2011-09-28  Mathieu DesnoyersCreate default call rcu data upon per-cpu call-rcu...
2011-09-22  Mathieu Desnoyerspowerpc: use __NO_LWSYNC__ check to use appropriate...
2011-09-22  Paolo Bonzinicmm: provide lightweight smp_rmb/smp_wmb on PPC
2011-09-22  Mathieu Desnoyersatomic: provide seq_cst semantics on powerpc
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanavoid leaking crdp for failed path
2011-09-15  Lai JiangshanReturn -EEXIST when the old cpu call_rcu_data has not...
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanprotect writing to per_cpu_call_rcu_data[*]
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanwake up default call_rcu thread after we move the lefto...
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanavoid memory leak in call_rcu_data_free()
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanurcu call_rcu: fix use after free()
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshanuse get_cpu_call_rcu_data() for get_call_rcu_data()
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshaninit maxcpus before use
2011-09-15  Lai Jiangshancall_rcu implementation: add missing static
2011-09-15  Mathieu DesnoyersDocument QSBR interaction with mutexes
2011-09-13  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-pointer: implement URCU_FORCE_CAST for C++ compati...
2011-09-13  Paolo Bonziniurcu-qsbr: use rcu_thread_offline/rcu_thread_online...
2011-09-11  Mathieu DesnoyersPair all_cpu call_rcu create with free
2011-09-11  Mathieu Desnoyerscall_rcu: register work threads as rcu readers
2011-09-11  Mathieu DesnoyersQSBR: add missing wakeups in synchronize_rcu code
2011-09-10  Paolo Bonzinicmm: do not generate code for smp_rmb/smp_wmb on x86_64
2011-09-10  Paolo Bonzinicmm: let per-arch files provide cmm_smp_* barriers
2011-09-09  Tulio Magno... Optimize caa_get_cycles() for PowerPC64
2011-09-05  Mathieu Desnoyerslfq/lfs tests: use call_rcu
2011-09-05  Mathieu DesnoyersRevert "Add cds_list_empty"
2011-09-05  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd cds_list_empty
2011-09-04  Mathieu Desnoyerslist: Add cds_list_first_entry
2011-09-03  Mathieu Desnoyersrculfstack/queue: define _LGPL_SOURCE around static...
2011-09-03  Mathieu DesnoyersRevert "Create per RCU flavor CDS libraries"
2011-09-03  Mathieu DesnoyersRevert "CDS API: removal of rcu_read lock/unlock dep...
2011-09-03  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd __rcu annotation (unimplemented)
2011-09-01  Mathieu DesnoyersFix incorrect fsf address in header files
2011-09-01  Mathieu Desnoyerswfstack: push returns prior stack emptiness state
2011-09-01  Mathieu DesnoyersMake lf stack push return if the stack was empty
2011-08-23  Mathieu DesnoyersDocument caa_container_of
2011-08-20  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu-bp: do not call munmap for NULL registry at exit
2011-08-18  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu libraries can directly use the _LGPL_SOURCE wfqueue
2011-08-18  Mathieu Desnoyersrculfstack: document "push"
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd runall.sh to tarball
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersFix build order of liburcu-cds-common
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersCDS API: removal of rcu_read lock/unlock dep, removal...
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersFix missing check for SYS_membarrier in map header
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersCreate per RCU flavor CDS libraries
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into lfqueue-dev lfqueue-dev
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniurcu-qsbr: avoid useless futex wakeups and burning...
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniapi: reimplement BUILD_BUG_ON in compiler.h
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonzinitest api cleanup: remove unused primitives
2011-08-17  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into lfqueue-dev
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniput thread offline while waiting for the init flag
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniurcu: move private definitions to .c file
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniurcu-bp: move private definitions to .c file
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniurcu-qsbr: move private definitions to .c file
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonzinircutorture: fix rcutorture-qsbr
2011-08-17  Paolo Bonziniwfqueue: fix type-incorrect assignment
2011-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersFix tests Makefile EXTRA_DIST to use api.h
2011-08-16  Duncan SandsFix choice of default flavour in urcu/map/urcu.h
2011-08-16  Paolo Bonziniapi: remove list/hlist
2011-08-16  Paolo Bonziniapi: remove arch-specific files
2011-08-16  Paolo Bonziniapi: make api_gcc.h a superset of the other headers
2011-08-12  Paolo Bonzinitests api: remove atomics
2011-08-09  Paolo Bonziniput thread offline while waiting for the init flag
2011-08-09  Paolo Bonziniurcu: move private definitions to .c file
2011-08-09  Paolo Bonziniurcu-bp: move private definitions to .c file
2011-08-09  Paolo Bonziniurcu-qsbr: move private definitions to .c file
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