Add rcu_read_ongoing() API to each urcu flavor
[urcu.git] / tests / test_urcu.c
2013-04-30  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd rcu_read_ongoing() API to each urcu flavor
2013-02-22  Mathieu DesnoyersFix tests: finer-grained use of CPU_SET, CPU_ZERO and...
2012-12-05  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: use standard malloc/free for synchronize_rcu()
2012-11-08  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: cast pthread_self() return value to unsigned...
2012-11-01  Mathieu DesnoyersFix static linking: fix symbol name namespaces
2012-10-22  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: fix cppcheck errors
2012-10-12  Mathieu DesnoyersTest cleanup: replace "l" parameter by "loops"
2012-05-16  Mathieu DesnoyersUse urcu/tls-compat.h
2011-11-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht-shrink
2011-11-01  Mathieu DesnoyersRename likely/unlikely to caa_likely/caa_unlikely
2011-07-06  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge remote branch 'origin/urcu/ht' into urcu/ht
2011-07-02  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into urcu/ht
2011-06-30  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu tests: hold mutex across use of custom allocator
2011-06-29  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: only include syscall.h on linux systems
2011-05-11  Colin McCabeuserspace-rcu tests: zero array before using
2010-11-18  David GouletRename all arch primitives with prefix caa_
2010-11-18  David GouletRename all memory primitives with prefix cmm_
2010-06-18  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate email address from to
2010-03-01  Mathieu Desnoyerstest cases: add multiple register/unregister tests
2010-02-14  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: update summary
2010-02-14  Mathieu Desnoyersurcu tests: add writer duration parameter
2010-01-10  Pedro AlvesSupport earlier glibc sched_setaffinity
2009-10-12  Paul E. McKenneyFixes to allow building on Power
2009-10-05  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: remove rcu_publish_content dependency
2009-09-29  Mathieu Desnoyersdefine CACHE_LINE_SIZE in arch_*.h
2009-09-28  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup headers
2009-08-30  Mathieu DesnoyersMove test programs to tests/ subdir
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